Middleweight champ next opponets

It is rumored that Okami and Jason " The Athlete " MacDonald will be facing off sometime after the Silva/Franklin battle...Those two are considered to be fighting for the number 1 contendership....Martin Kampmann is also considered to have a shot at the title but is recovering from a knee injury and wont return til mid '08...So at the moment The Athlete and Okami might possibly battle for the next shot at the title...

I dont think Okami can hang with Silva and I dont wanna see a rematch with Franklin and Okami....But The Athlete and Silva might be interesting and the rematch with Franklin might go in the favor for Jason

Silva vs MacDonald would be similar to Silvas fight with Leben.

True Okami beat him in 2006 at Rumble at the rock....But look at what Silva has done in his last 5 fights after that...Hes crushed guys since then...So adding in that hes gotten WAY better than add revenge on his mind for being beaten by him....Id take Silva with revenge on his mind than Okami....

The Athlete might be faster than some of those that have faced Silva...But I seriously dont think Jason has that great of chance against him

If by "beat" all you guys mean getting your head crakced open and you were lucky to have your knees on the mat and your opponent didn't realize what the rules were...yeah, Okami "beat" Silva...

Just the IDEA that Zuffa bouoght Pride and we're stuck with the MW champ fighting Okami or Jason MacDonald is INFURIATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya Id like to see better matchups than what we are seeing at middleweight

A troll effort huh?

Naw just read it off of UFCDaily


Go check UFCDaily for yourself bro....I dont troll...sooooo take a chill pill

Middleweight kinda sucks right now... to be honest I'd rather see Terry Martin or Filho challenge for the title next rather than Macdonald/Okami.