So, I'm hearing that a certain December fight in Birmingham is going to have 2 midgets fighting mma as the "co-main event."


Two things:

1) I had the SAME 2 MIDGETS fight on my show about 18 months ago, and was widely attacked for it. "Oh, Tom is hurting Alabama mma"; etc. Now, it's a co-main event? In Birmingham???

2) Can anyone confirm that this match has been booked?

I love it when people who can't compete with me instead then go on to copy me, but come on... This is getting ridiculous...

this is NOT on the Monson-Fulton card!)

well, it was a bad idea then and a bad idea now. Why get bent out of shape over something like this?

is this happening on that card that butterbean put on

Oh Gay! I forgot my question mark... add question mark to my previous post

Um... well, it's certainly not on the Monson-Fulton card...

why is this a bad idea? I had 2 midgets fight on my card at the Richmond Coliseum back in Sept 2006. Everyone else is just copying my style. Go figure, nothing new from Tom.

haha joeys no midget.

whos J. Ivey fighting??