Midwest Grappling Challenge - 12/19/09

Its here again! The Midwest Grappling Challenge will be held at the Dakota Magic Casino on December 19th, 2009. Doors open at 8am and the event starts at 9:30am. Last time we had a huge flood and se hope that this time we can get more people to compete at this great event.

This event is being held at the Dakota Magic Casino and Hotel. You will be able to get a hotel room and walk to the event! Also we will be there early the day before for weigh-ins.

Registration is $50.00 for unlimited divisions. This is a great chance to try your ability in another division. Feel free to register for divisions of higher weight or experience.

We will be offering prizes every week for competitors that register early. This will include free DVDs, board shorts and lots more. Each week with you register you will be put into one of two drawings. One for register competitors and one for referrals. So if you already registered refer someone!

More Info at www.midwestgrapplingchallenge.com

ttt for Bruce

Just to add more info we have an MMA event that night as well and the next day will be a training session with some of the top teams in the area. This portion will be free to join!

Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel
16849 102nd St. SE
Hankinson ND, 58041

Thanks jeff! YOu have any superfights anytime soon? I head off for worlds this weekend.

Yes we have Kids Divisions. We also will have live results on the site as they happen and will be able to send information to friends and family via text about how everyone is doing.

Always looking for fun matches, nothing planned though. Good luck at worlds.

 Who is the matchmaker for the MMA and whats his contact info?

Chris Christensen

It would help a ton if when you are on facebook if you invited people to the event you think might go? Midwest Grappling Challenge. Just want to make it a bigger event. I get paid the same because I am just the organizer, the casino gets the entry fess but I want it to be a good event for local grapplers.

 Thanks Bruce ttt

 Is there kids divisions?

BigBlueNinja -  Is there kids divisions?

 nm isee there is........


Any superfights set up?

The Casino didn't give me any money to put up this time but I still want to do it? Any ideas of local guys that would do it? George VS.......? :-)

 how far is this from Fargo and how far from Minneapolis

BigBlueNinja -  how far is this from Fargo and how far from Minneapolis

It is 65 miles from Fargo all interstate and 180 miles from Minneapolis, Mn mostly interstate miles.