Miesha vs Cat Free Fight Video *Winslow sucks*

Forgot how wonderfully badass this fight was. Probably the best WMMA fight the UFC has promoted to date. Miesha controlling the wrestling and standup for two rounds. Then in true Alpha Cat style, Zingano, lands a perfect double ankle pick in the 3rd and goes to work. Those knees tho! But Miesha takes them, drops down for a leg (maybe with a little assistance from an elbow) and the incompetencies of Winslow spoils an ending for the record books. I hope Cat can make it to the championship rounds with Ronda. If she does, we will all be in for a treat. As long as Winslow is sidelined. Have a good day, UG. Phone Post 3.0

Known Kim since she first started working Hook n Shoots for Jeff Osbourne. She definitely does get a bad rep

oh and WAR Cat!!!

I hate Kim Winslow and she has ruined a lot of fights, but that wasn't one of them. Phone Post 3.0

I don't hate Winslow. I also don't believe she is the worst. Certainly could get better, but can't we all. Honestly, I don't think she ruined the fight either; just spoiled a great ending, imo. This is Miesha "break my arm in half, bitch. I'm not tapping" Tate. Let the 3rd round go a little bit. If she misses the leg and takes a couple shots on the ground, then call it. Love these free fights on the UG! Phone Post 3.0

Good stoppage Phone Post 3.0

Sometimes when you are eating knees to the face a ref may think you are in danger and need to stop the fight.

In my last fight, I got caught with a series of knees much like cat, and was totally fine. I was slipping and sliding trying to gain footing to throw a monster right hand when the ref stepped in to stop the fight. I was fine and never even stumbled after the stoppage. But i understand why it was stopped. The guy i was fighting was a monster and had landed some good shots. I was good to keep fighting tho. Phone Post 3.0

Uni man - I hate Kim Winslow and she has ruined a lot of fights, but that wasn't one of them. Phone Post 3.0


I still think it was a borderline bad stoppage. If it were 2 men, it would have continued. Phone Post 3.0

Kim Winslow just talks to much when she refs. Constantly "warning" fighters not to do shit they haven't done yet. Either that or threatening to stand them up after a second of inactivity.

With that said I don't think that particular stoppage was bad. Phone Post 3.0

Good stoppage, she was getting mauled on the floor for a few mins, eating shots, stands up and gets power kneed to the dome, elbowed to the floor (or worst single leg ever)

I'm a big Tate fan but she was done. Not even close to intelligently defending. Thought that was a great stoppage. If that was herb dean everyone would be cool

If (probably when) cat loses to ronda this would be a great rematch

pretty brutal

Carson's Corner radio show - 

I personally think Kim Winslow gets a bad reputation. I guess there's a point in every referee's career where they make a series of mistakes and get permanently labeled as a bad official. I don't think Kim is quite as bad as people make her out to be.

Regardless, great fight!

I think you mean "bad rap," because saying she gets a bad reputation is fair and accurate.

When the fans, fighters, and Zuffa officials complain about her there's clearly a problem - this isn't a case of an unfair bad rap.

Thanks for putting "Winslow sucks" in the title. It added a lot. I would not have been able to understand or enjoy the thread without that vital piece of information. How can I repay you, good sir? Would a blowjob be enough?

I really dislike Winslow as a ref, but this stoppage was perfect.


to all, if u were the ref, would u have stopped it?

Cat looked like a monster in that fight. I think she might be the one to finally unseat Rousey.

time traveling 12er - Cat looked like a monster in that fight. I think she might be the one to finally unseat Rousey.

It's the perfect trap fight. Nobody thinks Rousey can lose.

I'm super biased, as Cat is a friend and former training partner, but I think she's going to shock the world. At least I hope. And hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things.

goes back to sanding a boat on the shores of Zihuatanejo

ranier wolfcastle -

to all, if u were the ref, would u have stopped it?

I would have went it go a bit longer. Miesha is super tough and she popped up after the red stopped it. She was taking serious damage from knees and elbows but she was hanging in there. Phone Post 3.0