Miguel Torres V.S Charlie Valencia

I just read and heard that miguel torres will be fighting charlie valencia on the Gracie fight card in January. What do you think about this matchup?

Miguel will take it, but Valencia appears to be a well equipped submission artist.  If I had to make a prediction, I'd say Miguel by ref stoppage.

Very tough fight to call, would be amazing to see.

I would think Miguel too, but this seems like Valencia's time to shine.


Miguel by tko. His stand up is as good as his ground game.

Is his stand up that good?

Not trying to be dumb, but the two times I have seen him fight, he submitted his opponent quickly and I wasn't able to really see much stand up

Yeah his stand up is actually quite good.  That card is actually realy good.  I will definitly order on PPV.

is this at 155? if so, i'd give valencia a size advantage but that's about it. as long as mihuel put the wight on the right way, he should win.

I think it is a great match up. After watching both guys, they are both tough, and they are both 2 of the most explosive 145lb guys out there.

the thing about miguel is that he can frustrate the hell out of his opponent. he's lanky for 145 so he can use his reach to compliment his already great stand up.

if you close and try to take him down, he's got a great clinch.

if you take him down, his jiu jitsu and ground strikes (from the bottom) are top notch

Mr. Torres, of course.


exciting fight. gotta go with torres though.





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WaR Torres! We all win when these guys get to fight in a big event.

good luck miguel

Charlie's take down and "lay n pray" wont help in this fight.
Props to Mr. Torres