Mike Brown ready for Urijah Faber


Mike Brown is ready for five championship rounds against Urijah Faber

October 30, 2008

Mike Brown



Photo courtesy of AmericanTopTeam.com 

By Chris Cork

For WEC featherweight contender Mike Brown November 5th can’t come soon enough.

A professional for almost eight years, the American Top Team fighter has flown under the radar with many fight fans having competed on a variety of small shows, from his early beginnings in Massachusetts with the local Mass Destruction promotion to St. Petersburg, Russia with the ill-fated Bodog Fight experiment. That has not, however, precluded him from picking up quality wins over the likes of Mark Hominick, Taiyo Nakahara, and Yves Edwards.

Who airbrushed that sweet tat off of him in that pic? Next thing you'll tell me is that he had a mint New York Knicks tattoo covered up on his calf.

 maybe he didn't have it then?


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TTT for Brownie!

American Top Team

I will be there! Go Mikey Go!


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AmericanTopTeam -  Good stuff Elias!

TTT for Brownie!

American Top Team
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Brown wins this fight


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