I want to say good luck to my boy MIKE CAMP making
his mma debut this weekend in the ECC amateur heavy
tourney. Camp has come a long way and has been training
hard.He has lost over 100 pounds and is bringing his
mental head case syndrome to the cage..Good Luck Bro

just dont let him drink before it! lol

Cool. Good luck Mike Camp!!

Good Luck Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow!!! No shit... good luck Mike!!! I thought he fought already at the KotC in Ohio.?.? lol
Dave Vitkay Murder City Fight Team!!!

Good luck

Thank you LawdyMama!!!! Hope to see you and Skip at one of the next FFC's.

"I thought he fought already at the KotC in Ohio.?.? lol"

He started one there anyway,lol.. ah what the hell.. good luck!!

Doug, shot me an email when you get a chance. davidheath44@yahoo.com

You two Dave.. I have a ring of fire question..Need Svens email..

Mike - You'll do just fine. Let me give a fellow commentator (and now fighter) a few words of elderly advice though:
(1) When you put your supporter on before a fight in the gym, it will fit fine - maybe you can even fill it up. At the fight itself though, it will be WAY too large!
(2) I just looked up the "licking behind the ear" foul and it is OK for you to do this for your first fight - Really it is!
(3) A Bible, Gin and a Loritab - three things not to forget to take to your first fight!
(4) Don't look up at the ring girls like YOU did at the FFC fight in Tunica or you'll have "deep space amnesia" and forget how to block, strike AND grapple!
(5) Just remember that EVERYTHING can be edited out of a highlight reel, so relax!

And, seriously --- just go have some fun and fight your fight.
One last word - Don't let up UNTIL the ref pulls you off. You are a super guy and good guy OUTSIDE of the ring - NEVER INSIDE IT!

Your Friend,
Skip H.