mike jen seminar mar 13 in LA??

since mike jen (bolo) is expecting his first child in april we talked about bring mike in again to show his hook sweep progression. for those of us who were there to the end of the seminar, we got a preview of it. all i can say is wow. he showed us two variations to his hook sweep from the butterfly guard and i know i will be able to catch some people with what he showed.

we had a good mix of people at the guard control seminar. we had one black belt, one brown belt (another brown belt was gonna come but he had a meeting to attend), a few purple belts, quite a few blue belts and a few white belts. one of my training partners kept tell me after each technique that mike taught how this stuff is so important and why doesn't anyone else show this stuff.

after the seminar i asked the brown belt his thoughts of the seminar and he told me that he knew most of the moves (well, he is a brown belt) but he learned alot of detail to the moves. is was great to see someone at his level that also appreciates mike teaching abilities.

so i am talking to mike about coming the weekend of march 13 and 14 for a seminar and private lessons. if you are interested in coming please contact me asap at quang@insurance.ca.gov. thanks.