Mike Kyle Suspened from WEC!!

From MMAWeekly. This is the least they should do.  I hope they are submitting tape to the CSAC to possibly get him banned.

"MMAWeekly.com has learned that Mike Kyle has been suspended by the WEC until further notice. Many MMA fans have referred to Kyle as the dirtiest fighter in the sport on various MMA message boards, and what happened this past weekend won't change the negative perception of Kyle that many people already had.

Last weekend, during his fight against Brian Olsen in the main event of the WEC show, Kyle illegally kicked Olsen in the head. Kicking a downed opponent in the head is illegal in virtually every MMA promotion in the United States, including the WEC. Olsen was on the ground when he was knocked out by Kyle's illegal kick to the head.

Making the situation even worse is the fact that Kyle then pounced on Olsen and delivered several punches to his unconscious opponent's head. Referee Josh Rosenthal tried to position himself between the two fighters and stop Kyle, as fellow referee Herb Dean entered the cage to assist Rosenthal from continuing his assault on the unconscious Olsen. Olsen suffered a broke nose, and may have also suffered a broken cheek bone.

WEC President Scott Adams tells MMAWeekly, "I have talked to his [Kyle's] manager and told him that we have to suspend him indefinitely. That kind of behavior is not tolerated in MMA, and we had to do something about it, so we are suspending him now."

MMAWeekly.com has also learned that Olsen is thinking about taking the additional step of submitting tape to the California State Athletic Commission for further review.

Mike Kyle's mixed martial arts career has been plagued by fouls and questionable in-fight behavior. During his fight against Wes Sims at UFC 47 in April of 2004, Kyle allegedly bit Sims on the chest. The bite marks were visible on Sims' chest during the post-fight press conference, which took place a few hours after Kyle's show-opening bout that evening.

When Kyle fought Justin Eilers at UFC 49 in August of 2004, Kyle delivered knees to Eilers' crotch on a few different occasions before time was called and Eilers was allowed to recover. Eilers came back and won the fight by knockout.

Kyle's fight against Tsuyoshi Kosaka in the Pancrase organization in October of 2005 had to be stopped prematurely and go to the judges' scorecards after Kosaka was poked in the eye.

When Kyle fought Krzysztof Soszynski on the undercard of the StrikeForce promotion's "Shamrock vs. Gracie" card in March of 2006, the bout was ruled a technical draw after Kyle poked Soszynski in the eye approximately two minutes into the fight. (He had also kneed him in the balls twice before he poked him)

The accumulation of these incidents is very troubling, but the most outrageous incident by far took place last Friday night (May 5th) at the WEC show in Lemoore, California when Kyle knocked out his opponent, Brian Olsen, with an illegal blow and then refused to stop pounding on his unconscious opponent.

In addition to being suspended indefinitely by the WEC, it now appears that the California State Athletic Commission and the head of CSAC, Armando Garcia, could be involved in the latest Kyle incident."

Good, I hope he looses his license.

He's nothing but bad for the sport. He's a chronic fouler. Ban his ass.

unified rules would help prevent this.

didn't wes do this to Frank mir?

mir would of kicked his ass regardless

"whats the big deal, he fights with emotion. He probably didn't realize that kicking an opponent in the head while he is on the ground and then beating him or biting an opponent were against the rules. I blame those referees for not explaining things better"

I know you are probably being sarcastic, but just in case:

The guy has fought in UFC, WEC and Pancrase mostly where kicking a downned opponent is illegal. He's never fought in a match where kicking a downed opponent is legal. He doesn't train for that. He's the former WEC HW champ, he knows the rules there.

And biting was even illegal in UFC 1...no surprise there.

"whats the big deal, he fights with emotion. He probably didn't realize
that kicking an opponent in the head while he is on the ground and then
beating him or biting an opponent were against the rules. I blame those
referees for not explaining things better"

Well, if you look at his history of bad sportsmanship I think the evidence
says he's to blame.

"didn't wes do this to Frank mir?"

Not as bad, and he didn't knock out Mir after the kicks, then try to punch him even more with 2 refs trying to stop him at the same time.

Also Sims was new to the UFC and supposedly Randleman was training him for Pride rules. Kyle is the former WEC champ and familiar with the rules. Sims may have fouled Mir that one time, but Kyle has been fouling opponents his whole career. The article list the fouls since the bite, but Kyle had been poking people in the eye since his match with Bobish.

Here is a question though, the WEC show was an unsanctioned CSAC event taking place in indian ground right? Wouldn't the WEC sending the CSAC a tape of the foul also fuel the CSAC to not allow the WEC a promoters license for sanctioned events? Just a thought.

i remember the infamous he bite me story. Maybe he'z like Coleman and just snaps.. I met Kyle he'z a real nice guy. his fight style and alittle Yvel'ish

Screw him. I say put him in a cage with Gilbert Yvel, Gerard Gordeau, and Marcelo Tigre. Then throw 20 starving lions into the cage. It's a win-win for us and the lions.

The lions would lose via groin kicks and eye pokes. The lions would probably follow the rules more than those 4.

Let him fight Gary Goodridge.

TTT Fearmir!

He needs to be suspended at least a year. He is a disgrace to the sport. It doesn't matter if he is nice in person or not. His tactics are the kind of shit that could get the sport banned. Or his actions could get more limiting rules added, which could water the sport down. I don't normally like to be negative about a fighter, but he has no respect for anyone.

Also of note is that he is the ORIGINATOR of poking Bobish in the eye. All the later pokers were merely imitators.

Mark Kerr would beg to differ with you

The man deserves to make a living, but ONLY if he can play by the rules...I hope he learns his lesson FINALLY and then can move on and get the respect back of fans because he doesn't get much now and doesn't really deserve much either.

the fight with Kosaka i jus so happen to be workin his corner...that was not an eye poke it was the Japanese tryin to save their fighter from the ass kickin that he had already been gettin the whole fight. Mike Kyle dropped Kosaka three times with flying knees..please dont post things if you dun know the facts. As for the other fights I have no comment.

Josh "thepunk" Thomson