Mike Kyle

Mike Kyle has had an interesting career. Early on he was one of the dirtiest, most hated fighters in the sport. A 1-dimensional slugger who was fun to watch against other fighters like him, but really had no chance against well rounded, skilled fighters. He's the type of fighter you rarely see really improve into a complete fighter.

And yet, if his recent record is any indication, he most certainly has improved into a contender! He is 7-1 in his last 8, that lone loss coming to Werdum, so there's no shame in that one. During that string he has a win over Strikeforce champ Feijao.

Also I just now noticed his KO win over Travis Wiuff has been overturned and is now officially called a no-contest. The KO punch was landed just after the bell, much like the recent Noons-Gurgel fight.

Anyway, Kyle is asking for the next title shot at Feijao, since he holds a recent win over the champ. I think it could make for an exciting rematch!

is there anyone who should get that shot instead of Kyle?

That rematch needs to happen first, before Feijao fights anyone else. Kyle earned the title shot imo

 Kyle learned from his past mistakes, and turned into a TOTALLY different fighter, and deserves a shot.

lol @ bsouth

Feijao vs Kyle should be the next fight

Would be a good co-main event under another title fight

bradu, why did you stop doing your art?

You could've been a contender.

I think moving away from the artwork stuff was more about my personality than anything...I tend to go full boar into an interest for awhile, then put it completely away for awhile and may or may not come back to it. I'm like that with a lot of things, and the art is no different. Suddenly I got bored of it and didn't have the desire any more, so I quit doing it. I imagine at some point I will get back into art of some type, though I don't know if the fighter art is in the cards for me any more.

It was also a timing thing, my webmaster guy fled the country or some shit, he just disappeared so suddenly my website was gone, which also means that my business email account shut down so I lost all contacts and emails, etc. Made it a lot easier to walk away when I did because it would have been a huge headache to start all that stuff again from scratch.