Mike Massenzio in MASS DESTRUCTION

Mike Massenzio will be fighting Ben Dineen at MASS DESTRUCTION 19 on February 26th at the Avalon night club in Boston, MA. Mike trains at my school, Ultimate Sambo. I was training with him on Monday, he is an awesome wrestler and he is really excelling at submissions. I am planning on attending this event to support mike, this will be his MMA debut.

Some of his accomplishments in wrestling are...

'03 Junior College Nationals 2nd place

St. Joseph in Montvale, NJ

All-American - National Champion at the Senior Nationals @ 171
2x NJ State Champion (2000-2001) 171 & 189
Some of his accomplishments in grappling are...

NO-GI Mens Light Heavy Weight Advanced Champion and NO-GI Mens Cruiser Weight Advanced Champion at NAGA Battle At The Beach V

Men's No-Gi Advanced Cruiserweight (180-189.9 lbs.) Champion at the 2004 Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals

Here is a photo of Mike...

2x jersey champ? Sounds like a badass in the making..

good luck


Your forgot about Mike winning JuCo Nationals in '04, also Mike didn't wrestle at 189 in high school.

TTT for Mike and Wrestling Plus!

Glenn, I was going by Mike's profile at www.wrestlingplus.com. By the way, when do you plan on coming to train at Ultimate Sambo again? I have heard a lot of good things about you from Vlad and Yvonne.


the last one in ithaca was a great event. he won't regret it.

Hi TIMMY, probably not any time soon. I'll be back at WP pretty soon, and have some BJJ coaches near me. I'm also going to Phil Dunlap's for striking training.


nypo, If Mike goes up to the tournament in Ithaca, I may go as well to compete in one of the amateur divisions.

I've wrestled in Jersye and let me tell you, a State Champ
there is an automatic conditioning and work ethic bad ass

Mike is in awesome physical condition.