Mike McDonald fighting MMA! (news)

I just spoke with long time fighter and coach Todd Medina, and he asked me to let everyone know that Michael McDonald, aka the Black Sniper, is very intent on competing in MMA in the near future.

He's currently training with Todd Medina in Costa Mesa. For those who don't know, Michael McDonald is a multiple time K1 champion with a record of 51 wins and 16 losses, with 20 wins by KO.

Here's a video of him knocking out CroCop-

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And here's a nice highlight-

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If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I'll try to run them by Todd and get an answer!

McDonald already has fought MMA, he tapped out to a forearm choke from Lyoto in a K-1 show.

Thought he already had a fight in mma.

Yes I know, the allotted space for a thread title is not long enough for me to say "Michael McDonald is fighting some more MMA" or something like that :P

awesome, that guy was so exciting!


no worries man, that is still great news. Many K-1 guys just fight MMA once in a freakshow matchup and then give up. Good to see he is dedicating some real time to it.

I believe he's 40. Randy Couture is a couple years older.

Yves- I agree, I'm excited.

I'm pretty sure he is in his 40's but I wish him the best of luck.

awesome news


I hate you Dhira. :P

Todd is doing well, busy with life as usual.

I've done a lot of training with Michael, and he's definitely got the physical tools to become a good MMA fighter. He's 42 I believe, but his 42 is the equivalent of many guys' 29. He's a genetic freak with an obsessive work ethic, and I wish him the best of luck.

McDonald is one of my favorite fighters. Good luck to him.

That would be interesting. Good luck to him

Wish him the best of luck, hope he does well.

that is one bad man right there

correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't he fight on the strikeforce card that had baroni/shamrock, and he didn't perform too well. he looked out of shape too

I fucking LOVE the Doobie Bros. This is great news!

Steppenwolf- as far as I can find, he only had one MMA fight, losing to Machida in 2004. I will endeavor to clear this up asap- Michael is returning from China in a couple days.

Mike McDonald is an incredible standup fighterOne of the smaller K-1 guys as well.