Mike Pierce Speaks Out On Thiago Alves

Mike pierce came on the show to give us his thoughts on the trash talking between him and Thiago Alves. Converstion has some pretty good stuff. Check out the full show at:


Note: The trash talk on our end (if any) is because we know Mike pretty well.

Some key notes:

Mike says "he's an overgrown chiwana" and not a pitbull

"probably knew that he had john howard" before he said he wanted to fight Mike


before piece was in the ufc i never thought he would get this far in the ufc, but hes doing really well.

anyway, thiago alves is a good fight for pierce stylistically.

The story of this fight is going to be whether or not Thiago can nullify Pierce's wrestling.

So Thiago is going to fight another wrestler that will attempt to smother him to a decision?