Mike Swick: The Comeback - Episode 3

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                                Mike Swick: The Comeback - Episode 3

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                    <p><em>&quot;This fight is everything. It&#39;s everything.&quot;</em><br />

Mike Swick

In his new The Comback vlog series Mike 'Quick' Swick gives unprecedented full access to his entire fight camp for UFC 189. With eight weeks to go until UFC 189, in episode 3 Swick seeks web redemption, seeing if he can feed the local monkeys without a gangster moment. The monkeys exact further revenge. Swick then shows how to use women's cosmetic bandages to tape hands, before Muay Thai training. And everyone gets together at the Contender Cafe to watch DC beat AJ, and become the second AKA fighter UFC champion.

Shot on location at the insanely great AKA Thailand in Phuket, Thailand.

Mike Swick fights Alex Garcia on July 11, 2015, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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