Mike Swick

 What ever happened to this guy? I remember when he was the next big thing in the MW division and he was always one of my favorites to watch. Even when he went down to 170 he still did well. But he hasn't fought in over a year.

Anybody know what's up?

 I know he was taking some time off with injuries.  His career had pretty much fizzled out to gatekeeper status at this point.

 He is involved with his clothing company and doing charity work with the US Military.

He will be back.

Didn't he have a serious, serious stomach issue that could have ended his career?



JeffersonDArcyChoke -  Swick is still the next big thing. My opinion. He will be back healthy and finally put it all together. Phone Post

 No, he isn't.  His chance to be a contender when the divisions were far weaker than they are now has come and gone.

This is what happened with Mike and his medical issues: