Mike Tyson wearing Vitor T-shirt.

First of all, is Mike Tyson going to be fighting in the American Pride show?

Also, why was he wearing a Vitor Belfort t-shirt? Are they training together or what?

Or What . IMO.

He is a long time MMA fan but no he will never, ever fight MMA. It sounds like he may be doing an exhibition boxing match sometime down the line for Pride in America but it will not be on the October show.

No official comment from DSE on Tyson. Pictures can be found below


I think it is a Vitor Belfort RVCA shirt!!!

Tyson is a huge Vitor Belfort fan.  He's one of Mike's favs.

I can see how Tyson would admire/support Vitor. Vitor has dabbled in boxing and both have lost their sisters.

"Tyson is a huge Vitor Belfort fan. He's one of Mike's favs."

Indeed. Little known fact: Mike TYson is actually forum members "the_chief" and "Navin R Johnson". So, when you see that guy flipping out when someone says anything other than Vitor is the best, you better watch out.

"Or What . IMO."

What*, imo.

Vitor once mentioned in an interview that Tyson called to congratulate him after one of his early UFC wins. Apparently Tyson had been a longtime UFC fan and was happy that someone was dominant there by using strikes.

"Vitor really is the man when he is on...but when hes off, he blows. i honestly think Vitor would be a good guy to send to the UFC and fight Chuck...he stands a really good chance at winning"

The UFC just released Vitor again, that's why he is back in Pride, plus Chuck already beat Vitor. Are you aware of anything? Anything at all?

Chuck won a VERY close fight against Vitor via one wild punch w/ his eyes closed at the very end of the fight. Fight was very close before that, you can easily argue Vitor was winning.

It should be noted that Vitor took the fight on VERY short notice right after coming off that Brazilian "Real World" reality show and being locked up in a house w/ Joanna Prado for weeks.

Vitor was winning until that knockdown. But Chuck seems to have improved a bit while I cant say the same for Vitor. That being said, I don't believe chuck would knock him out though, but would win a decision by a little further margin than the last

Vitor was on that night, he looked good. If you ride his nuts you can make it like he was winning if it makes you feel better. It does not change the truth which is that Chuck Liddell beat him. I'm a fan of both guys but it's clear who is the superior fighter if you follow their careers, never mind that they fought and Vitor lost.

Tyson gets submitted inside of two minutes.

"Since when could Tyson read?"

Don't be fooled, Tyson is a very smart individual who has severe mental problems. His boxing analysis is top notch.