Mike Zambidis at A-1 World Combat Cup 2004

In November 2004 Zambidis entered the A-1 World Combat Cup, 8 man tournament in Melbourne, Australia

Mike Zambidis vs Pete Spratt  -  A-1 World Combat Cup  (11/28/04)  Quarter Final   

Mike Zambidi vs Hamid Boujaoub  -  A-1 World Combat Cup  (11/28/04)  Semi Final   

Mike Zambidis vs Gurkan Ozkan  -  A-1 World Combat Cup  (11/28/04)  Final    

Aus Striking coach for the TUF Australia V UK right there you limey's..Come get some!!!

Zambidis vs Gurkan Ozkan 1 was insane + the voice going nuts made it all the better

Love watchin zambidis fight. Never a dull moment Phone Post


Top Phone Post

he fought today

DamnSevern -

he fought today

Ty! Phone Post