Mike Zambidis at King Of The Ring tournament 2002

 In 2000 Mike Zambidis entered the King Of The Ring 8 man thai box tournament in Italy

Other tournament participants included, Matteo Sciacca, Bakari Tounkara, Petr Polak

Mike Zambidis vs Bakari Tounkara  -  King Of The Ring 2002   Quarter Final     

Mike Zambidis vs Matteo Sciacca  -  King Of The Ring 2002  Semi Final  

Mike Zambidis vs Petr Polak  -  King Of The Ring 2002   Final  


ttt for Greek iron mike

One of my favorite kickboxers! Phone Post

Sub Phone Post


one of my favorite K1ers, total badass.


Loved watching zambo in Max, what a fucking beast Phone Post

Great fighter.


Pro Ice always hooks it up with the old school fights! you youngsters need to catch up.

War Zambidis!

bumped for Ziga!