Mikey's boxing.. damn

Even in that short fight you could tell Mikey's boxing is still great, and he still didn't get taken down. And I had really forgotten how dominant he was with it back in the day untill I saw those clips again.

I mean it's pretty rare you see those kinds of combos in MMA against a world class wrestler (for fear of being taken down ofcourse). I mean that looked like the kind of boxing you would see in, well, a boxing match. Normally a stand up fighter facing a wrestler would be just throwing awkards jabs and straights, but Burnett was right in there with hooks, upercuts, and still managed to sprawl effectively (by the way I'm talking about Saunders here not Thomas).

That is some awesome MMA stand up right there. He seems to have the sprawl down great as well... now just some good old fashion jiu-jitsu...

as far as i can remember he was never taken down in mma ever, and he was always strong and had good boxing

Din just also happens to be a great boxer with longer reach. bad match up for Mikey

Thre that! The ability to punch, sprawl, break out of clinches while punching, and stay on you feet is awesome. Burnett was definitely uncovering another piece of the puzzle back at UFC 16.

Can't wait to see Mikey back in the UFC.

I always saw Mikey's entrance into the UFC as a turning point for the sport. He really proved that a good boxer with good takedown defense could be really dangerous.

I actually was lucky enough to see him fight live at UFC 16. It was the fight of the night.

Mike is strong as hell and damn near impossible to take down

his fight with Tadeau (sp?) is what put that weight division on the map. He did what 2 of the Gracies couldn't do: convincingly stop Tadeau.

I never saw the entire Saunders fight, but that clip was brutal!

since no one else has said it, i'll just go ahead and point out that Mikey was robbed by the judges vs Militech

^^^Umm why, where did it affect him negatively?

Great striking from Mikey

"There was only one Floyd Patterson. :)"

or Joe Frazier:)

I see what you mean though. Even so, it still is pretty incredible stand-up compared to what we normally see in MMA.

It's obvious that he has gone through some tough times, and it's hard to watch him and not root for him. I hope that Mikey keeps it going as well, and Mikey, you've earned any positive benefits that you'll get from this.