mikolinho joins TEAM "HELMET HOUSE

after a prosperous year at "The Fighting 9" in Chicago, mikolino throws in the towel and joins up with fellow helmets at TEAM "HELMET HOUSE" (T-36) and prepares to go to work!

no more "Mush Mush Mush Mush........... Mush Mush Mush Mush.


no more, "that f*ckin thing must have been 8' or maybe 7' or f*ckin 9' or maybe 10 f*ckin feet long!!!!! HAAAAA HAA HAA HA HA !

no more pullin a hatsis from 2-4.  

and most importantly, no more hangin with Ze P!

but none the less, we wish you all the best in your endeavours, and always remember...... choke and burn!!!


What a name how original.

ttt, for miko to see!


"thanks for jaggin me off !!!!"

Zep - I'll TTT it for you because I am afraid you are going to come and kick my ass if I don't.

hey jeff paul is here! it's officially a party now!

as for mikolino....

 who here....................... does auto body repair?


holy dog fuck!!!!!
thanks to zepman for the props....and jeff for joining in....
i got to "fighting 9" about 3...4...idunno 6 months,well whatever the fuck that sob was.........
giggling my balls off!!!!!

keep cleaning out that locker, c*ck!

no more hoof for  you! (did ya get that Mari?)

Gigling my balls off? Man lol

dont worry zepman....one day you'll leave there too and want to come to fighting truck like 36....
dont hate,participate....(in honor of enoc's cousins)
tell the mush i said that the inventory is done,and hes full of dog fuck if i'm ever doing it again!!!!!

Team Helmet House sounds like a team of uncircumsized men.

"Team Helmet House sounds like a team of uncircumsized men."

you're actually not far off ! they are definitely a bunch of hard-ons!!!!

hey mikolino, i out did myself this time.......

remember the "mike said, i don't think the mush likes me" story?................

well,,,,,  i just let him read this thread and he pretended to be amused by it all the way down to your previous post! then he just got a real serious look on his face and walked away!

maybe.... expect a phone call?  LMMFBO!!! (HARDCORE)

well its funny cause i wondered why i seen his number on the caller i.d....
i called the f.h and asked for him but i was told he was busy watching the bas rutten dvd,and would call me back....
i did hear him say you were a big troll.....
as for the guys who think you are so polite and well spoken.....they see what a big goat fucker you really can be...!!!!!LMFBO

i got Art to tell beth the alligator story yesterday!

he didn't "go off" like usual but it was pretty entertaining!


forhet the mush...LONG LIVE ART!!!!

you have anally raped the correct on that one!

dude, we must now part ways for good because i'm starting to talk like you!