Miletich was never in the UFC

according to TUF, he never fought Shonie or Mikey Burnett.

his school might be sued for false advertising.

What the hell are you talking about?

i was kinda being sarcastic. just commenting on the revisionist UFC history that Zuffa tries to spread.

for the record, i think Pat is awesome. I'm not a MFS jock rider, but you gotta respect him as a fighter, trainer, and pioneer of the sport.

Miletich was actually pretty aggressive in his old superbrawl and EC fights.

I've always like Miletich. I noticed his fights with Mikey and Shonie weren't mentioned either.

Miletich won the Burnett decision cause Mikey got a yellow card for a low blow.

That fight is the only one to this day that has ever made me physically violent.

Krycek is correct.

If they showed Miletich vs Burnett, Spike TV would get fined by the FCC. All the sexual man-hugs and game of grabass. It wasn't worth the risk...


check out Pat slamming people all over the place.

Welcome to the Frank Shamrock Club!!!!!!!!!

I find it inconceivable that anyone is complaining about not seeing highlights of the "Final-Wedgie-Fu" Militech vs Mikey fight. You people must be new.

I even grew to like Pat as a fighter, but come on. That was among the worst ever.


okay, i'll give you the burnett fight, but what about
the shonie fight? shonie's my homeboy and all, but pat
ko'd him w/a righteous head kick.

LOL your right I was wondering what happen to those fights in their clips./

Any fight can be made interesting with highlights.

Also if they want to promote themselves as legitimate sport the excitment factor of the fight shouldn't matter, only the result should.

And there is no good reason not to metnion that Both Barmett for carter fought Pat, who was their very important champion.

I think you all should go to Bettendorf, Iowa walk into Champions and roll with Pat or sparr! Then we could see some funny shit!

Well, with Shonie, the emphasis was rightly the Serra bout.

I know Pat & Dana have a grudge, but in this case it's not a big deal.



Pat is the man. And I do hate to bring this up again, but if you believe that all of this - ufc on pat's night, no mention of pat's fight in ufc - is an oversite by dana, you are an ignoramous.