million dollar baby writer

whoever wrote that movie must have hung out in a gym alot cause every gym has that one idiot (like the guy who wanted to fight thomas hearns), and yesterday i met him.

some guy came in our gym during the day.  he claimed to have a tma background but wouldnt specify which one.  he bought a "legends" tshirt.  then, he borrowed our desk scissors and headed into the lockerroom.  he reemerged from there with a sleeveless t shirt on, and headed to the training area.

once on the bags, he flailed like a moron and circled the bags in a cat like manner reminiscent of bruce lee in the mirrored room in enter the dragon. 

meanwhile, staff noticed one of the toilets was clogged, so they called a plumber.  the plumber arrived promptly and soon discovered that a tshirt sleeve had been flushed down.  puttig two and two together, staff realized that it was this guy.

at that moment, i thought "why do gyms attract such fucking weirdos?" and i still do not have an answer 




Holy shit, that's awesome. Coming into a gym as a guest and flushing
sleeves down the toilet? How did that guy throw kicks with balls that big?

FX Toole (who wrote Million Dollar Baby as a short story collection in
"Rope Burns") was the nom de plume for a 20 year boxing cut man...I
forget the name, I have it written down somewhere...anyway, he died
before the movie came out. He was a somewhat well-known cut man and
had been around the game a long time.

He was a cutman who came to the game late in life. He was a lifelong fan who just started showing up at the gym.

Sam Sheridan beat me to it. The guy's name was Jerry Boyd, longtime trainer and cut man. He died in '02.

But he knew his shit. Read Rope Burns, it's good shit.

"If you gusy would stock toilet paper in the bathrooms then the guy wouldn't have had to use his sleeves to wipe. "


the Movie was written by Paul Haggis but the stories are taken from the book Rope Burns. I think the authors real name was Boyd but I might well be incorrect.

The dust jacket of the book says the following about him: F.X. Toole was born in 1930. He studied acting at eh Neighborhood Playhouses in New York City and worked variously as a bootblack, cabbie, bartender, and bullfighter before entering the world of boxing. For the past twenty years he has trained fighters and worked the corner as a cut man. Rope Burns is his first book. He lives in California.

It was probably six years ago I was in a media play digging through the discount book bin and I a book with a young black kid with his hands wrapped on the cover. It was only 69 cents so I thought "What the hell even if it sucks it is practicaly free." That book was rope burns. I read it and thought it was a fun book. I put it on my shelf and hadn't opened it since. Last year I ways into Million Dollar baby it suddenly hit me that I knew the story.

If you like Million Dollar baby you would probly like the other stories that weren't included in the film or are included in a different version in the book.

the guy that came into your gym had to be TMAMMA...sounds just like him

Most people want to be accepted and part of a fraternal group...a martial arts school provides such an outlet.