Milwaukee/Madison Spar and Train

I'm going to be in the Milwaukee/Madison area this weekend from Friday through Monday.

Anybody train anywhere that would want to work out or maybe spar this weekend? Someone that is accomplished would be nice so I can learn.

P.S. I'm training for the UG Grand Prix in August.

There is Matamoros JJ, Duke Roufus Muay Thai, Neutral Ground JJ, Fighting Irish MMA, and a slew of others I can't think of right now in Milwaukee. In Madison there is twisted Fitness, there are others but Twisted is where it's at.

Really depends on what you are looking for, all of the schools have accomplished fighters. Post on the WI BJJ growing strong thread for more info.

Edited to add: Madison and Milwaukee are like an hour apart so their not really in the same area so you might want to consider that as well.

Dave Strasser's Freestyle Academy at 3309 60th St in Kenosha, WI 53143

Freestyle Combat Challenge

There are well trained fighters there, Nick Agallar, Brian "Duke" Geraghty, Jameel Massouh, Rob Roy, Ray Ray Hunter, and of course, Dave Strasser. I don't know your weight, but these guys are 155-185's. If you're heavier, there are some guys there to beat on, me.

I hear their jiu jitsu is growing strong...

Duke Roufus Muay Thai, Neutral Ground JJ

I weigh about 200 right now.

The big question is if they would let someone like me come in for just a day. What would I have to pay?

The other thing is something that's open on the weekend. Or maybe even a personal with someone.



supercan, where are you going to be exactly and what are you looking to work on?

Matamoros has an open Mat on Fridays, he is cool with folks just stopping by to train, no real fee for 1 day but donations are always accepted.

I will be mostly in Johnson Creek, right between Madison and Milwaukee.

Maybe I can try to make it tomorrow. I'll have my kids with me.

Coffee donations at Matamoros for a one day pass

Supercan,  I'm about 200 right now and train at can come in and beat up on me.


Kaz...what's a good time for you? Has to be on Friday, right?

Friday is preferrable, we start around 6 pm. Saturdays are a little sketchy it really depends on last minute arrangements, we usually dont decide anything for the weekend until a few hours before. If you shoot me an email with contact info I could let you know, I will also to need to get The Don's (Matamoros) blessing for bringing in a nonmember for weekend training, but your golden for Friday. I will let him know about he UG Grand Prix thing, he may find it interesting and be all for you coming in.