Mino vs. Herring vid? (rottie)

Is there a GIF or Vid out there of Mino's choke...didnt see it or when he did it last time...please help a brutha out

romo say what?

HandsOfStone has caught the ghey...

Aniston does nothing for me either.All of my older friends thinks she's hot but none of my younger ones do so she may just me a middle aged hottie and not appeal to people whose mother she reminds them of

aniston's face IS fugly... I don't fall in line like the rest of the male sheeple who are on her just 'cause she's popular.

I would bang carmen electra and denise richards senseless though...

shes hot. anyone who says that shes ugly or annoying or denies the fact that you would stuff it if you had the chance is just plain ghey. the end.

DOGGx0 just stuffed she shyte out of the correct.


173 views and 11 posts and all about my pics and none about the question!!!


Let me remind of the etiquette....I ask question....I am not rude, and post some eye candy...I get a response to question...come on guys!

wow...this was successful

Sorry dude don't know about any vids. But Aniston is alright. I'd do her but thats a totally different question from if she's super hot. She's do-able.


lol@no one helpin a brotha out

maybe subfighter.com has a clip?

anyway, yeah man, jennifer aniston's aight ;)