As Lesnars first fight? Seems a little weak doesnt it? Not dis'n Frank or anything, but ....... Really MIR?

mir by 1st round sub! he ruined tanks return, and ruined tim's title return. frank is a machine if the real frank mir shows up.

This is bad for Lesnar. I think Frank could catch him in a sub.

The Calf Cruncher

IF...........the "real" Mir shows!!!!

Mir is going to SO get hurt, and or embarrassed.

Brock is going to overpower Mir INSANELY.

Remember PeDePano's brutalization of Mir???

Then PeDePano put us to sleep in every fight thereafter.....

I think Brock is going to rush in, go for the takedown, and get caught in a choke- game over

"As Lesnars first fight?"

It's his second Fight.

UFC probably figure between his Size, Strength, competition Experience, wrestling Pedigree, and the Fact that he has been training MMA for almost 2 Years will even the Odds against a Guy with poor Cardio, flip-flop Heart and mediocre Determination/Motivation.

Seems fair to me. Lesnar wants the big Fights right away, so give 'em to him.

..."flip-flop Heart and mediocre Determination/Motivation."

Here's why Mir will never again beat anyone above a C-level fighter. The "Old" Mir is gone forever. Sorry guys.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it swung either way: Lesner pounding a listless Mir into hamburger, or a more experienced Mir catching Lenser and taking him out quick like Brock felt up a stripper in the champagne room.

It will go like Nog vs. Sapp

Not Monty, IMO you described the two Ways the Fight is most likely to end up.

Brock is a serious athelete, but is a MMA novice. Mir is a tough fight for anyone in their second MMA fight.

"It will go like Nog vs. Sapp"

I take it you think Mir will play the role of Nog. That will not happen because Mir has such poor cardio he cannot simply hold on and wait for Lesnar to gas. Lesnar probably has better cardio than Mir. In fact I would say the longer the fight goes the more that favors Lesnar.

BTW there was no "old Mir", just much easier opponents.

BTW there was no "old Mir", just much easier opponents.

hmmmm im sure your right, tim sylvia is a cupcake.

Fletch, I'm not talking about having his Leg broke. There have been Times in Fights where it looked like he was asleep, bored, or wanted to quit.

Also, even after he started fighting again he hasn't fought often. Someone with more Motivation would be bothering Dana for more Fights more often.

"That's takes more Determination/Motivation than everyone on this message board has put together. "

Uh, no. You're new here so...

If Mir is anything he will beat Lesnar, this is a test for both

The old Mir is on a lovers cruise around the world with the old Vitor