Mirko approaches Fedor at Airport


And again no expression on Fedor's face....ROBOT for sure!

Fedor looks like "joe regular" in that pic........

Fedor by brutality.

but the high kick could test the chin.

I gotta say fedor tho

It takes a bad man to wear a sweater like that.

Fedor has ice in his veins and fire in his eyes. He has a look that has evil intentions. I love that shit.


It's a Cosby sweater. A COSBY SWEATER!!!

could be vodka? or it could be that he is a fuckin badass.

In that pic, does Fedor look like anywhere close to the man who is most likly to win over any MAN in the world in a fight.

It is doctored but you gotta love the pic!

lol@mirko's demeanor!!

Fedor's looks are indeed very deceiving FightingMajor.

fedor is from another planet!

Would CroCop be talking shit if he wasn't standing in front of the police station?

fedor looks like he's pushing the groceries to his minivan

when are these 2 gonna fight?