Mirko's GP Opponent !

Pride Pres. Sakakibara is "teasing" the fans with speculation with respect to Cro Cop's August GP opponent.

Initially, he threw out the name of Alexandre Emelianenko as a strong possibility. He also mentioned possibly Mark Coleman. Both of those guy's are still possibilities.

Earlier today, he stated that Mirko's opponent may indeed be a UFC Veterin, who has yet to fight in Pride.

Although he mentioned no names, I'm guessing that it's either T.K., Pedro Rizzo, or Tank Abbott.

More on this will be floating around for sure.

..... and there is also an "outside" chance of Josh Barnett.

Josh had been scheduled to fight Ron Waterman on a Pancrase card which was to take place in South Korea on 7/17. That card was abruptly cancelled yesterday. Some promotional conflict. Josh talks about it on his web site. He's available to fight evidently. Promotional bullshit rights may prevent it however.

Any of the names mentioned except for Tank would be great.

it would be sweet if its rizzo.

Cro Cop vs Pedro Rizzo would be a hell of a fight

I agree that Rizzo v. Cro Cop would be awesome. Although the darker side of me would like to see him finish off Tank.

How would it be for Crocop's bandwagon if Tank KO'd him?

That sucks about Barnett/Waterman, I was curious to see how that fight would go.

This is what has been reported:

PRIDE Bushido 4
July 19th, 2004
Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic vs. Shungo Oyama

PRIDE Heavyweight GP Finals
August 15th, 2004
Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic vs. Alexander Emelianenko

Nothing is Official - yet - for Cro Cop's 8/15 GP fight.

Alexandre and Coleman were the first names mentioned as possibilities. Today, Sakakibara mentioned the possibility of a former UFC fighter debuting as his opponent.

"Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic vs. Alexander Emelianenko"

I think its gonna be this match. It'll be a good one too.

any of them would be interesting

crocop/barnett and crocop/rizzo would be the best

alexandre/crocop would be interesting...that is probably what match will take place

crocop/tank? wellll...no comment, I doubt that will happen anyway

give it to Coleman.....

I hope the UFC fighter doesnt tur out to be Wes, he is the worst, I cant believe Hammerhouse even lets a weak ass wanabe fighter represent there shit like that.

Tank Abbott ? Perhaps ?


Rizzo has signed with Pride. However, i doubt he is fighting Mirko.

"Rizzo has signed with Pride. However, i doubt he is fighting Mirko."

I'm pretty sure Rizzo would sign to fight CroCop in a heartbeat. However I agree with ocbadapple. That be a very tough welcoming into Pride!

HELL YEAH!!!!!! That's fucking great news apple!!!!!

Rizzo's timid style and Mirko's offense= Rizzo asleep with the fishes.