Mitrione: 'I want to fight very, very good competi

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                                Mitrione: 'I want to fight very, very good competition

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A win would put Mitrione at the top of the up-and-coming fighters in the heavyweight division. Still, even with his highly publicized rise in MMA and his actions in the cage backing him, he understands he is still a developing fighter and will have to go that route over the next year or so.

“It’s really true for me in this situation, because I’m so new to all this,” he admitted. “There’s a lot I’ve got to be very careful in what I ask for and wish for.

“I want to fight very, very good competition. Am I ready to fight upper echelon, top-tier talent? I don’t know. That’s what I want to find out. I would love those challenges, but unfortunately it is one step at a time for me.”

Having proved himself more than just a crossover flash in the pan, Mitrione can continue his ascension towards becoming a legitimate contender with a win at UFC Fight for the Troops on Jan. 22.

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 Tim Hague will put a long over due end to all this manufactured hype!!!!  Mitrione is a dead man walking!!!! just watch! anyome care to bet?

 A win over 1-3 in the UFC Tim Hague means Mitrione is a top up and coming fighter?  Seriously?

Why not, he has the right mind set, training with the right people, and if he keeps winning he's definitely an up and comer.  I didn't really like him at first on TUF but I'm a bigger fan of the guy the more I see of him. 

MrHenson - 
jjj2121 -  A win over 1-3 in the UFC Tim Hague means Mitrione is a top up and coming fighter?  Seriously?

 umm yeea u fucking hater

if he can beat hague the way he did kimbo, id say hes ready for carwin next.

whats your problem JJ ? ? ? u obviously dont know anything about mma

 Why stop with Carwin?  I say give him Velasquez.

Marcus Jones (retired), Kimbo (retired), Joey Beltran, Tim Hague.

World Beater.

Kongo will crush his nuts, and hug him to death.

Feed him to McPorkle.

You guys saying he is ready for Carwin must back away from the crack pipe please. He isn't even ready for Brendan Schaub (Carwins much smaller sparring partner) much less Big Shane! He is MAYBE ready to step up to the Pat Barry, Kongo or that fat dude that knocked out Duffie IF he beats Hague. I still think Barry or Kongo beat his arse!

I say feed him to since Mir-Schaub is off the table, feed him to Mir if he can get past Hague.