Mitrione vs...


get it done

 Mir please

 Good fight but Mir is too far up the rankings now. It would be an insult to give him Mitrione right now.

Schaub or Duffee

Or Dave Herman

 I like Schaub.  Good call.

 ok yeah Schaub would be good... still would like to see Mir.. hell he just beat Mullet, why not add another Tuffer

 I'm definatly not saying it would be an easy fight(Mir) but it sure would be interesting

Kongo Phone Post


 Pat Barry

Mitrione vs. Roy Nelson.

 Mitrione deserves a guy coming off a win.  It's time to start giving him legit top 15 fighters.

 Yeah, I agree. He's pretty fun to watch, let's get an idea of how good he is. 

Kongo Phone Post

Travis Browne

Bonnar was right. You win 5 in a row? You get a real opponent next. Ariel is wrong. Matt is 32 so they don't have 3-5 years to slowly build him. It's time to move him up and see what he has. Phone Post

I would say big nog/shaub winner!! Phone Post

Patt Barry! well known name, great stand up and that fight (if he wins) would put him in a high place at the rank Phone Post

Kongo might be too much but I'd like to see it.