Mixed Rules for Shotokan fight?

What are the rule for those Shotokan tournaments where they would change rules every round? I ASSUMING that it was Shotokan based events.

Ex. R1 grappling
R2 Karate
All full contact.

Do they have a website or Representative?

Isn't it called "Shidokan"?


For the prelim tournament fights:

6, 2 min. rounds. First two rounds are Shidokan bare knuckle karate rules (no punches to face, but can kick + knees to face, 5 second grabbing of gi, throws OK). Second two rounds are K-1 rules modified MT. Last two rounds have, in the past, been modified mma rules (no striking at all on the ground). I'm sure this will change SOON. The major reason behind the "modified" rules was that MMA was illegal in IL at the time, where Shidokan USA is based.

For the final fight:

It has been 9, 2 min. rounds. I think they have stopped this and dropped it back to 6, 2 min. rounds.

Look for another great Shidokan USA tournament in Atlanta in Aug.

Get a hold of Richard Trammell:


Thanks guys.

I thought I remembered seeing Shidokan on ESPN during the early UFC days, and the ending round grappling was really limited?


Read my first post. The grappling isn't limited, the striking is. I'm sure that will change soon, though, to full mma rules.

Yeah, ESPN shows the shows on their late night programming. I don't know when the last one will show.

I read your post, I know what the Shidokan rules are now...

I saw a Shidokan even waaaay back in like '95 and I could have sworn they limited grappling time on the ground.


Where can you order DVD's of events?



you are correct. I'm sorry if the tone came off shitty, it's hard to communicate tone and inflection in the written word correctly. They will stand you up if one or both of the competitors is stalling or doesn't know what they are doing. They do it fairly quickly because the rounds are only 2 minutes long. Most of the competitors, until recently, were largely strikers, too, so they really didn't know what to do all that well. The last USA and World tournaments, this year, were totally different. Dave Hulett and Rafael Assuncao squared off in the USA finals, and they are both BJJ guys. No stand ups at all. Dave and Trammell were the finalists in the World tournament, and they didn't stand them up at all either, especially when Dave was trying to submit Richard with a heel hook. Richard shrugged it off and somehow stood up. I've been in one of Dave's heel hooks, and I sure as hell didn't shrug it off. Richard was on a cane for a few days, though.


Good luck. You can try the Shidokan web site:


The site is not current, is notoriously slow to be updated, but you can call them and order the DVDs. You can also call Trammell, above, and he can probably hook you up.