mizuno ear guard anyone?

my ears are getting fucked up and i dont want cauliflower. mizuno sells a judo ear guard made of soft material. anyone use it? is it real ackward to use? can you hear?

thanks in advance

be a man.

there just ears.

Does anybody have the same experience as me, when you are going to get the needle? They offer you the freezing, or you can do it without the freezing. The freezing hurts worse and then you get 2 needles instead of one. Freezing is bullshit!

yeah, i suppose they are just ears, but mine are starting to look like sean gannons face after the kimbo fight.

plus, barroids post is just more reason to protect them.

just drain them yourself. Go to walgreens and get some insulin syringes,
that what i do and its not that bad...

I doubt they're really any different than the Wrestling ones.

I'd probably just go with whatever costs less.

There's some good quality earguards out there today to choose from, so just look around and see what you can come up with.

http://www.Brute.com would be a good place to start.

  1. ice the bastards.
  2. ice the bastards.
  3. get some steel rings that will fit inside your ear to keep the swelling out of your hearing pathway.
  4. get some syringes of your own.
  5. be a man.