...........MMA Analysist.......

When will MMA have a front line MMA analysist like Teddy Atlas is to Boxing.

In due time will Qudaros be the man when MMA is on the ESPN and FSN sportsdesk type shows.

The class and unbiased, in depth coverage that Atlas provides is much needed in MMA. While watching the fights (Boxing) the other night they had Atlas breaking down the fighters weakness/strengths and demonstrating a set game plan that he thought each fighter should follow. Plus his commentary and breakdown of every aspect of the fight was unparallel.

I see Max Kellerman as a strong prospect also. His AM radio show frequently features MMA fighters and he is very eager to learn more and more of the sport.


So imagine seeing a table of Couture, Rutten, Militech, and Quadros

Man I don't want to rush it for Couture but that will be a hell of a day for MMA when a team like that could have thier own 1/2 or so show/pre fight analysist show before the big events.


The more I think about it the more confused I get

Maybe you should start with spelling before trying to predict the future


how many times did you read your statement before posting to make sure nothing was mispelled :)

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How about Frank Mir?

He was awesome in commentary. THe way he broke down some of the grappling? Even the apology when he realized he got the hold (was in Arloveski's heelhook?) wrong?

He even has the sob story of a tragic accident.