MMA and Grappling Fighting Mook?

Last year I bought the MMA Grappling and MMA 2004 Data Mook (72). It was a very fun mook with almost more profiles than either the Sherdog or FCF Database. I was wondering if an edition is comming out this year. Does anyone know?

I saw a Mook profile book on the shelves last week.
Not sure what year is for though.

It is VERY good for the Japanese scene though - has profiles of ots of fighters who are yet to event turn pro, but a good prospects.

Inforest Mook have produced some V. Good MMA type magazines recently.

In Japan or the US, Oposh. also, can you tell me who published it and what is the date on it?

In Japan, it was in a local magazine shop.

It was published by Inforest Mook as far as I remember.
It had a brief list of fighters from most of Europe, Russia and North America.

Then as I mentioned it had a great breakdown on the Japanese scene.

I sorry I didn't pay too much attention to the date though.