MMA and Kickboxing 1/16/04 Mphs

MMA, kickboxing and Modified Thai, Friday January 16 at the New Daisy Theater on Beale St in downtown Memphis, TN. Fights are all amateur . We need fighters in all weights and fighting styles. Fights will start at 8. If you would like to fight call Jeff Mullen at (901)406-2460 or e-mail

Hey Jason. I'm leaving for the UFC on Thursday. I'm excited. Looking forward to Hughes -Trigg. I think Rizzo - Ricco is a good fight. Tank- Cabbage should be fun. Baroni- Tanner will definitely cause some interest. Baroni does get some people riled up. Lawler - Lytle should be a war. Royce and Shamrock are there for the Hall of Fame. I think that is pretty cool. I sure wish that Pat Smith - Mir fight was going to happen.

Bill, you coming to class tonight.



this next card should be really good ...come see us people

Piggle- give me an email and I can send you a clip of Danny Abbadi choking David Glasco out in 32 secs. Danny looked really good.



Grapplers come to class Mon & Tues. We will be closed Wed & Thurs. Thai guys also come Wed & Thurs. We will split the room. Pass the word.

I had a great time at the UFC. A couple of strange endings. Must have been a full moon. I talked to Royce, Frye, Shamrock & Coleman. Amazing how nice all those guys are. Jan show looks awesome. Couture - Belfort, Hughes - Penn, Mir - Simms, Karo - Spratt, Verrissimo - Newton. Lots of awesome fights and hopefully no weird endings.

Piggle are you going to Gokors tonight? Tell us who you roll with and how it goes.

There is a rumour that Pride is going to piggyback their first US show the day after the UFC. That UFC show will be tough to top. The day after the UFC is actually superbowl sunday. That would not be a good move for Pride in the US

Where you working?
Can you make us a flyer for Fri jan 16, New Daisy, 8 pm


Yeah, I talked to Gokor & Gene. Gokor said you were doing good. He told me about the fights in St louis Jan 2. I would love to go but I will be out of town on vacation. train hard.

I hope your alright. Did you grapple anyone else. How did you do.

Fighters needed Jan 16
at the New Daisy Theater on Beale
Fights start at 8:00pm. Weigh in at 6:00 pm.
Doors open for public at 7:00. pm
We need all style fighters. We will have competition in kickboxing, full contact rules and international rules (leg kicks). Modified Thai/k-1ules. MMA no striking to the head on the ground.
call Jeff Mullen (901)406-2460 or e-mail

Did you tap them?

Any chance of you making a flyer for our Jan 16 show?

you're working at a v game store . I guess you are playing k-1, pride, ufc etc.Any of them good.