MMA Art Website?

Hey folks,

There's an artist on here, and I think his name is Brad, and he does great MMA artwork.

Could you please tell me his website address?

thanks in advance,


He does really nice work. We got a portrait done for our trainer a few years ago.


hey, that's me. Woo. My email has been down for weeks though, and I can't contact the webmaster or make updates to my webpage. So that's a bit of a bummer. If you need to contact me, try instead. Thanks a lot.

Brad what do you think of

Brad's stuff is phenomenal.

He did a custom drawing for me and everyone who sees it, praises his work.

Evan's drawing skills are don't need me to tell you that. I really admire the patience he has to pay attention to every single detail. I tend to get eager to finish, and can never seem to really sit down and work out every minor detail like that. But then, there are other areas of my work that I feel make up for that. I really like how Evan will use just a dab of color in an otherwise grayscale drawing (see Mayhem).

I have seen Brad's art on the 'Dog also and it is killer.

bradu is the man. great work!

otsuka, thanks...oftentimes in my work I'm very aware of the distance of the viewer. And you're right, the melted crayon paintings are a good example of this...if you look at the thumbnail (which is like looking from a difference) it reads totally differently than if you look up close (like what you see when you click on the thumbnail.) I'm glad you appreciate that about my work.

Brad is the Shit!

Brad nice work dude I think you may be selling yourself a little short on the prices mate

Lawdyma, I actually can't access my website to make changes. I can view the site, but I can't get to my email or make changes to my site. So until I get that figured out, there's not much I can do.

Thanks for the kind words, glad the portrait was well recieved

brad, about how big are your artworks?

great stuff!

boomtown, about 2/3 of my MMA artworks are very small...either 9x12", or the occassional 4.5x6". The other 1/3 are usually 12x16", though I've done a couple as large as 18x24". If possible, I always stick to those proportions so that I can fit the image on my trading cards.