MMA Auction, good idea or no?

How interested would you (MMA fans in general) be in using an auction based service that deals in MMA related items only?

It would have a close feel to that of eBay only with one main target audience.

The service would be free of charge and would be hosted on a secure server and would require no financial information as all transactions would use PayPal or snail mail.

Thanks for any input.

sounds like a good idea

Any other input? I'd like to know a good number of people would use the service before I sink time and money into actually making it happen.

Success depends on what your trying to auction off.

Listen bitch, I didn't make this post to hear childish comments that amount to nothing. I'm trying to offer something new to the MMA community for free because I have been a fan of the sport since the early 90s, I don't see you offering anything but dumb ass remarks.

I also don't see how I am trying to reinvent anything; did I say I would create an all-in-one solution like eBay? No. I said MMA based ONLY, do you know of any other MMA based online auction services that's free to use? If so let me know.

So unless you can think of something new and useful that the MMA community can use I suggest you either keep jerking off to your Internet porn and hope to insult some other members you think are TUF noobs or shut your cock sucker before you insult the wrong person and that wrong person smashes it for you.

Poor job of avoiding my entire post, and lmao @ me offering a service for absolutely FREE and yet me ?destined to fail in life?.
Do you really think I could be capable of paying for a designer and programmer to develop something like this and offer it for free if I hadn't already reached my goals in life?

I don't expect you to touch on that comment as you surly will skip past it just as you have my previous with more second grade insults in hopes you can think of something humorous and astonishing to catch me up with, good luck with that.

I didn't start this thread to own you but I will be happy to keep doing so if you wish, if people are interested great, I'll be more than happy to invest the time and money to make it happen, if not then that's great as well as I will know not to bother putting my time and money into it to begin with.

Some people actually think things through before they act on them, something I am willing to bet you wish you had done when posting you're not so clever reply.

For you to try to criticize someone who is offering to pay thousands of dollars out of their own pocket to offer something to the MMA community for free out of pure love for the sport that it is and is becoming, that speaks volumes about your character.

Will you be auctioning off tapout beanies?

"Will you be auctioning off tapout beanies?"

If I were so lucky to have some.

"Briscoe, I am speachless, you are that big of a tool. There are words to describe what a failed and stupid concept you have."

Translation: I can't think of anything else to say.

Also, it's speechless, IMO.