mma battle royal

15 fighters from any era in there primes are put on an island and the only way off is to fight to the death and be the last man standing.anything goes no rules.

who are your fighters and who is your pick to get off the island? Phone Post

Mark Hunt.

Chuck Norris Phone Post

Nick Diaz ftw Phone Post

I like the concept and thread idea, Nick Diaz seems like a good choice due to his cardio, toughness, skill set, and how he gets better as time goes on. Cain Velasquez seems like he would fight to the end, Big Nog, Chuck. Phone Post

Nick Diaz would be the only one walking out of that jungle Phone Post


JDS vs Cain the first two. Three minutes later...

Tank Aabott.

Pat Barry.

Royce Gracie.

Kasushi Sakaraba.

Wanderlei Silva.

Don Frye.





Frankie Edgar.

Brock Lesnar.

finally, Fedor.

Fedor and Frankie Edgar battle for 12 minutes before Fedor ko's EDgar.

Zuffa make it happen!

Rory Mac hides in the shadows and silently kills them all yet he stays on the island due to going crazy. Carlos bashes him with a rock until there are 7 seconds til the volcano explodes. NBK FTW Phone Post