mma betting?

with all the underdogs kicking ass in the last 10-12 months its getting harder and harder to call fights. anyone here have a strategy for calling some of these upsets. the natural has been pretty dead on in his predictions. opinions please.

It can't be done...Every fight out there is litteraly a coin toss these days. If Weems fought Fedor I wouldn't be surprised if he won at this point.

Oh...And Randy uses Voodoo to make his picks.

can i google this voodoo?

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See Vodou, also Voodoo (disambiguation).

Voodoo (Vodou, Vodoun, Vudu, or Vudun in Benin, Togo, southeastern Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Senegal; also Vodou in Haiti) is a name attributed to a traditionally West African spiritual system of faith and ritual practices. Like most faith systems, the core functions of Voodoo are to explain the forces of the universe, influence those forces, and influence human behavior as well as picking the winner in MMA competitions. Voodoo's oral tradition of faith stories carries genealogy, history and fables to succeeding generations. Adherents honor deities and venerate ancient and recent ancestors. This faith system is widespread across groups in West Africa. Diaspora spread Voodoo to North and South America and the Caribbean.