MMA/BJJ in Kitchener area

One of the guys I wrestle with is interested in doing mma/bjj.He's looking for a good club in the Kitchener/Cambricge/Waterloo area.If you could mention clubs/contact info or websites as well as who the instructors are.

Any info would be appreciated.

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I am in the same boat right now, will be in the KW area for the summer for school. As far as I know (and I have been looking for a while) there are no MMA schools.

For BJJ there is Dragan Alliance in Kitchener ( That is where I will be going to train and have heard great things about that place, and their students usually do fairly well in tournaments.

There is a Muay Thai Club (TKO Fighting Arts) that shares the same place that Dragan Alliance uses (different fees though,

Also there is Phady's Muay Thai Club in Cambridge ( Do not know anything about this club but have heard that it is pretty good.

Hope this helps, and if you find any others in the area that I missed please send me a msg because I have been looking.


Thanks Rob.

I used to work in Cambridge and I was talking to a buddy a couple of weeks ago and he said there is a gym that just started teaching mma.I think they have a boxing coach,Kickboxing/muai thai and a bjj guy.I'm hopeing to get in touch with him this week so I'll let you know.However I don't know how good they will be but apparantlly the kickboxing and Boxing coach are pretty good.

Also if there was an older thread on this don't hesitate to ttt it.


Do you know the name of this place you are talking about?

There was a street sign up at a traditional MA school advertising MMA lessons. They're on the south end of king St in Kitchener.

another vote for Dragan!

your friend wrestles so the transition to bjj will be an easy one imo.


Do you know the name of it?

I just looked in the phone book and there's a few dojos on king st. I want to say heritage martial arts is the one.

king st south past fairway st, toyota dealer on the right and a little further and the MA school is on the left.

Dragan Alliance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the easy choice for ground training, bunch of tough guys train there. Check out for more info.

As far as the MMA school in Cambridge that you heard about, you might be thinking of Real Combat Martial Arts. I trained there a couple years back and it was firstly a JKD school with sort of an MMA flavour, can't say what it is like these days though. Dragan has been helping out with some of the BJJ training there.

if anyone is in Cambridge or south KW, Guelph is all but 15-20 minutes drive..

Kohbukan Sisu Judo and Jiu Jitsu is a place you must check out..

come and visit us, you will have great training, lots of bodies and even more fun..


The one my friend was talking about is Double Dragon on King street.I don't know if it is one of the ones mentioned above.He gave few details.

Thats the site for Double Dragon but it doesn't say anything about MMA or BJJ on it. Dragan Alliance, Sisu Judo/Jiu Jitsu or Real Combat are your best choices.

I didnt know so many people trained out of the K/W area, I go to school there and couldnt train this semester year due to having so many bloody night classes.

Out of curiousty what/where is "Sisu Judo/Jiu Jitsu"?

"Sisu Judo" means taught by Steve Sisu...

a.k.a. Bill Murray, from the movie:The Life Aquatic with Steve Sisu (Zissou alternate spelling)

This seems like a really far drive for the guy, there atre 3 judo clubs in the k/w area! without having to drive crazy distances

what exactly is the driving distance from UW and WLU