MMA/BJJ in Melbourne

I'm moving to Melbourne soon and would like to know what MMA schools there are out there. I'm mainly a wrestler and BJJer with some boxing. Looking for a competitive school to train at.
Please email me at



Where in Melb are you moving?

Will-Machado BJJ
Hangar 4 - Wirraway rd -
Essendon Airport 
Tyrone Crosse on: 03 93795744


Will-Machado BJJ, 
Dominance Jiu Jitsu
211 Swan Street
Classes 6 - 8:30pm Mon - 
Thursand open mat from 6pm 
on Friday & 11am on Saturday 
PH 0408 383 502 or
0422 000 117.


Hope your move is coming along well. I'd invite you to take a look at the BJJ academy I train at:

With any luck we'll see you on the mat!


Ralce - Welcome to Melbourne.

Check out Extreme Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling -

Good Luck,


Isn't there still only the 2 places training MMA in Melb at the moment in the Extreme gym and the UnderWorld gym???

Keats, Hangar 4 now has 5 MMA classes per week. two classes are wrestling with Ziggy/ MMA (wednesday and saturday), two classes are with the MMA/ muay thai coach Gavin (tuesday and thursday) and on mondays we have John Will every second week teaching straight MMA.

Thats great to hear Lach, in these classes do you train with striking on the ground aswell or are they more no gi type training?

When in Melbourne, I choose to train BJJ at any JB Will Machado BJJ affiliated school, stay at the Carlton Crest and drive anything with the keys left in it.


lol g

Yeah we train with striking on the ground. But at this stage when sparring we are only using punches.

I've heard rumours about possibly having an intermediate MMA class where you can also kick, knee etc.

Thanks for that Lach.

I say forget about Melbourne and move up to Sydney. That's where the real action is... ;)


real action!! how was the Mardi Gras Elvis, was your float well recieved? Get any phone numbers that night?

Elvis must still be at an after party...haha

roped over a barrel in a pair of leather chaps me thinks

Thanks Guys. I'm looking for more of a no gi type training with striking. And sorry Elvis it would have been cool to train with ya but I heading for Melbourne. When I find out exactly where I'm staying in Mel I'll let you guys know. It should be in a few days. Thanks a lot guys.


Cam, stop sharing your fantasies with the forum.



Hey Guys

I'll be living in Northern Caufield. I thinks it's called that. I'm right next to tram 63 or something.


Alcide (aka Ralce),

North Caulfield is reasonably close to Prahran; like I mentioned above, feel free to come and roll. Info can be found here

Hope to see you soon!