MMA Death...this is a tough day.

Good Friend Maurice Wilson...AKA "MO DOOM" passed away last night.


Those of you who are not familiar with Mo missed out on meeting a good friend, fighter, father, training partner, and all around person.

 Mo Doom had a Pro record of 6-3 and had fights with Nuri Shakir, Joe Riggs, and had a win over TUF winner Joe Stevenson.

Funeral will be in the Phoenix Area.

This is a tough loss for those who knew him. Mo Doom was training hard and looking to make a comeback in MMA.

This is a tough loss to take...and really puts "fighting" in perspective.

 I am dedicating my upcomming fight to the memory of Mo Doom.

Anyone interested in making a donation to his family o(he is survived by a young son) or attending the funeral please email me

RIP Mo...:(


RIP, I'm very sorry to hear about your loss.



But Ray, if he didn't die in the ring/cage, you might want to change the title.


News Snippet:

Maurice "Mo Doom" Wilson (8-3) had to be cancelled as promoter Tony Perez explained that

"unfortunately, Wilson was hospitalized in the States after weigh-ins and the match could not be held. Smith

Sorry Ray. My prayers go out to his family.

Sorry about the loss...  God bless


BTW, my prayers go out to his friends and family.

Terribly sorry to hear the news, Ray. My condolences to you, his family and friends.

I assumed the death was MMA related. As Rich Dalton suggested, you may want to clarify whether or not it was from injuries sustained during a fight.

Yeah, I too thought the thread title meant he died in the ring, which made me shudder.



prayers for him and his son.

OMG I'm so thoughts to everyone who knew him.

TTT for an explanation. If this is not something that happened as a direct result of an MMA fight, the thread title borders on sensationalism.


Truly sorry for such a tragic loss.