MMA Documentary Fightville at UFC 129 Fight Week


MMA Documentary Fightville to Premiere at Hot Docs on April 28, 20011

Leading up to UFC 129 Fight Week, we wanted to let fans know that FIGHTVILLE, the new film MMA featuring UFC fighters Tim Credeur and Dustin Poirier, has been chosen as one of the opening night films for Hot Docs, the largest documentary festival in N. America. The film will have its Canadian premiere on April 28th at the Winter Garden theatre on the eve of UFC Fan Expo. UFC fighters Tim Credeur and Dustin Poirier will be at the screening to meet with press and fans.

After the World Premiere of FIGHTVILLE at SXSW in Austin last month, where the crowd was literally cheering during the fight scenes, MMA Site Five Ounces of Pain said of the film, "You will laugh, cry, ooh, ahh, and come away with an entirely new respect for Mixed Martial Arts and its lifeblood no matter your viewpoint on either beforehand". AOL Moviefone went on to proclaim that FIGHTVILLE is "one of the best films of the year".

However, as fast as the sport is growing, there is still a gap to mainstream acceptance and the filmmakers hope that FIGHTVILLE will open the door to MMA for a new audience. “Popular culture has long embraced boxing and there is storied history of literary greats championing the sport. Hemingway, London and Mailer were all fighters. That’s just now beginning to happen with MMA and we hope that Fightville will be able to introduce a wider audience to the beauty and passion of the sport while elevating the perception of MMA,“ says co-director Mike Tucker.

The film focuses on the world of an up-and-coming feeder promotion called USA-MMA run by Gil Guillory in Lafayette, Louisiana--a place where fighting, for many, is as much ritual as it is sport. In FIGHTVILLE, adversity is a lifestyle, life is a contest and the area around Lafayette, which includes a neighborhood that is the namesake of the film, has no shortage of fighters. Many of them train with veteran UFC fighter Tim Credeur at his Gladiators Academy, where more than just making champions, he seeks to “build better men”. One of those fighters, Dustin Poirier, quickly became the focus of the film, after a series of dramatic victories. “The first time I saw Dustin fight, I was immediately taken with him. You could just tell that the kid was going places,” says co-director Mike Tucker. And go places he did, Poirier, defying all odds, recently defeated Josh Grispi at his UFC debut. “Dustin defines dedication for me. More than just fighting, FIGHTVILLE is about what it takes to be the best at anything,” says Tucker.




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It was a good show to watch.

Neat to see a guy/Dustin make it to the stage that he dreamed of.