MMA Dreams?

So I rarely remember dreaming. Maybe 2-3 dreams per year. I'm agnostic bordering on heathen but had some crazy emotions tied to this particular dream with Charles (Mask) in it. It was about a month or so ago and i wrote it down right away. Didn't think of it much till I saw RaRa mention on her FB page about a dream. Anyway, here it is. Anybody have similar?

I was near a park by ala moana  at dusk.
A big group of Tapout employees were being briefed before they boarded a plane for s UFC event.  They were mostly college age kids.
I knew they they always used that park to organize  
I was interested in seeing the new executives the new owners brought on. 
Punk ass was leading the meeting.
When it was over I jumped over a wall into the park to congratulate Charles on the sale.  There was lots if hustle and bustle of dozens of employees. When I saw him he didn't recognize me right away but did the 'hey buddy' thing we famous people do. Lol. So I took off my hat and he recognized me. Then i somehow knew he suffered a loss and gave him a hug and said 'how are you holding up?'  he had tears in his eyes and said it was difficult but he'd be ok.
I immediately went looking for Dan but couldn't find him
The around a tree I ran into Brock Lesner coming up a cement set of steps underground. He was sweaty and in just a pair of black bicycle shorts. I asked if he 'was ready' for his upcoming fight. And he said not really because of some nerve injuries. He pointed to his left leg that was clearly atrophied and way too hairy. Lol
He said he couldn't 'shoot' and I said "well I guess you better knock him out!  That's how great stand-up skills are made. Not by choice but by neccasaty!" He did not look confident.   
Then I left back to the adjoining park to get my shoes from under the banyan tree. 

No joke, I had a dream I beat Chael Sonnen in a skiing contest.  Not like a downhill race, but like a big jump?  Or something.  It was nuts.

 T.J. !!!! 

Hope all is well.


Call me sometime gunsmoke. 

Been a while.

I acually had a dream about this place once.. I dont remember what I was dreaming I just remember waking up thinking, "I really need to find something else to do." lol

 I dream about knowing the winners of these fights a good bit......but also had dream Chargers and Under cashed before the  Superbowl vs 49ers  in the 90's....almost broke me..

Joey, will call you by weeks end. Sorry for being a stranger. I'll give you the complete update. ;-) Phone Post

 I'm glad ur all good.  

Be safe and talk soon.

 I`ve had a minimum of 10 MMA dreams,but everyone in them are still living.


 RIP Mask