mma events

I'm fairly new to the bigger mma scene--I've been to one UFC in atlantic city over the summer and have watched ppv's and dvd's over the years, but I'm wondering what is the best way to find live local events? Ticketmaster doesn't do the trick. I'm near Washington, DC. and can't really travel to FL or IN for the events that I have heard about.

Also about recent fights like Cage Rage, I've read the results but are the fights on video online anywhere, or do you have to wait a while for a dvd to eventually come out?


you're reading the world's best source for MMA information...this is a good start

Haha touche, but I meant is there an organized calender of events or something? (not seminars, but fights/tournaments)

I do enjoy reading the UG. Haven't seen anything about events in MD/DC/VA area though.

go to the homepage.

How complete is that listing? I feel like there are a number of smaller shows that aren't on there. Or is the MD/VA area just devoid of mma competitions?

come to one of the nyc underground shows.