MMA Explosion UK

Just a quick update on MMA in the UK on TV.

We now have the Ultimate Warriors program on FTN channel - last night was about Rickson Gracie. This programme is a mix of MMA and TMA. It also explains a lot of subs. These are repeats of Bravo shows.

The Bravo channel shows at least three UFC fights a week. So far we have seen; sherk vs huges, tank vs mir, cabbage vs kyle (i think), bj penn vs uno.

Last night there was a programme called fight club which showcased a MMA/Thai Boxing event in Holland which featured Semmy vs Ignashov in a K1 rules bout. This was on Eurosport.


SKy Sports 1 - shows Cage rage
Eurosport - shows all K1 be it regional qualifiers up to the grand prix. I watched Buakaw kicking arse at the K1 MAx just the other night. Loads of thaiboxing as well as european MMA like Its Showtime and Pride and Glory.
Bravo - as they said shows UFC fights every week and lots of porn documentaries.

Lots to see for free in the UK