MMA falls short at ESPY awards

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                                MMA falls short at ESPY awards

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UFC champions Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre, as well as Strikeforce heavyweight contender Fabricio Werdum, each fell short in their bids to win a 2011 ESPY Award at ESPN's annual awards ceremony.

Jones and St-Pierre each were nominated in the "Best Fighter" category while Werdum's submission win over Fedor Emelianenko was up for an award as the year's "Best Upset." The results of the awards were announced on Wednesday night during a live ESPN broadcast.

Jones and St-Pierre lost out to boxing great Manny Pacquiao, who is now a two-time winner in the category.

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 Don't care that they didn't win, the fact that they are being mentioned is a step in the right direction.

 did anyone watch, specfically the arthur ashe award?

also it was really cool to see werdum and fedor  even though less than 10 people probably knew who they were.

Arthur Ashe award story was amazing. War Dewey!!!!!! Phone Post

iRampage -  Arthur Ashe award story was amazing. War Dewey!!!!!! Phone Post

 yep..what an amazing story

I can see rad martinez winning this award in the future.

 Still not as mainstream as we think?

 Baby steps.

 its not as mainstream as we think.


There will be no tears in Bristol, CT if mma ever fades into obscurity.

more than half of the people at ESPN aren't even MMA fans so it's not surprising MMA won nothing.