MMA Guide on how to make/keep fans

First of all

Don't blame how injured you were before a fight as an excuse as to why you lost.

Don't constantly argue you won if a decision went against you. Let the fans fight that fight for you. Trust me we will. Phone Post 3.0

Don't spit on opponents corner Phone Post 3.0

Be Mark Hunt

Don't raise ppv prices just cuz! Phone Post 3.0

Don't have a close fight and then say "I'm not granting a rematch because I clearly won" Phone Post 3.0

John M -

Be Mark Hunt

Gold Phone Post 3.0

Don't let Greg Jackson tell you to "get some fans".

Carson's Corner Fan - Mean mug bitches and walk them down in the cage, act like a petulant child outside of it. Phone Post 3.0
It works. Phone Post 3.0

Big Pookie - 
Don't let Greg Jackson tell you to "get some fans".


Don't piss hot*.

*If you have been a customer of a lab that was shipping steroids to pro athletes, make sure you post on the UG a lot and support some sick kids.

Then when your name comes out in a Justice Dept indictment, the UG mob will just ignore it and sweep it under the rug. Phone Post 3.0

Don't lay and pray your way to victory just to keep your belt... Phone Post 3.0