MMA Gyms in Jacksonville, FL???

I'm sure there are a few gyms in the area, I'm just looking for a real gym to train at while I'm on vacation, and possibly to join if I end up moving down there. Thanks in advance.



 St Augustine has a gym run by Tim "Obake" Caltalfo and Jake goode ( whom has just passed away last week RIP) great guys and a good facility. I dont know how things are going now since jake is gone,

here is the address


5 San Carlos Ave

St. Augustine FL 32804 


Or you can train with a Rickson Gracie 6th degree blackbelt named Luiz Palhares. He has a school over in Mandarin, lil place. I havent been in a while but i can get u the #.

Btw, Nice to see some Duval people on the UG!!

edit: and Alex is a crazy bastard, i'd be a lil scuured training with him after reading his stories lol

thanks for the help guys