mma in chicago

I just moved to Chicago. Live on the northwest side of town on Addison and Harlem.

Looking for good places to train MMA, muay thai, boxing, BJJ, submission wrestling, etc.

I know there are lots of good schools in Chicago, but don't know who offers what, and where they are located.

I wouldn't mind being able to dabble in stick and knife(Filipino style) once in a while. But MMA is my main focus.

I heard about the LInxx school in McHenry Co. and SBG in Elgin. I like what those schools have to offer, but I'm looking for something closer to my house.


carlson gracie academy downtown chicago...

i think he said



Chicago Fitness Center near Lincoln and Belmont
it's the Shidokan headquarters where Shonie Carter and Brian Gassaway train.

MMA training on Tuesday at 8PM
Submission Grappling on Friday at 8PM
Shidokan Karate and Grappling Sunday at 10:30AM

Shidokan or Kickboxing all other nights
Muay Thai and Boxing on Wed and Thur at 4:30 PM

thanks guys. anymore?


mma/jiu-jitsu/thai boxing (MMA), (Wrestling, MMA), Windy City Boxing, (Judo), Force Jiujitsu at, (bjj) in Hinsdle.

Team Oyama's new Midwest Training Center is opening in OCT in the Northwest Suburbs. Streamwood, to be exact. But if Elgin or Mchenry is to far then streamwood is only 10 min closer. about 45 min from downtown. a great Muay Thai and Jiu jitsu program and MMA training. We'll be anouncing a grand opening soon, and more info will be available at in a week or so.

OMG!!! Team Oyama!

Those other places listed sound great also!! Thaks everyone for posting!!


Adem - first it got postponed then it got changed to a
Shido fight - kicking, knees and body punching when standing but grappling only on the ground.

Then the fight card got scratched all together.
C'est la vie!

As far as the stick fighting and knife work, Gotta go with Dion Riccardo. He's certified under Paul Vunak JKD! Good submission grappling as well. Not too far it's in Oak park, Madiosn ave right off of Harlem. Victroy Martial arts