MMA in Grand Rapids, MI

Anyone know anything about "Cage Combat"?

Supposedly taking place at the Deltaplex on the 28th.

Is this sanctioned? I'm hopiong it's not Art Dore running this thing.


I called and asked and they said all the fighters were amateurs so they didn't need sanctioning.

Sounds a bit shady to me, but I think I'll check it out since it's 15 minutes away.

Bet the guy from is running it...

I know he runs the shows in battle creek with the same name cage combat...

He had a show there a few weeks back

As the law states in Michigan "prize fighting is illegal" This law is from the late 1800's there are two amendments to this law one sanctions and legalizes boxing the other is for, get this toughman! With Mighigans economy ranked 50th in just about every catagory it is strange that our boxing commission does not push to legalize a sport that could produce signifigant revenue for our state? But instead they give Art Dore a free ride to run Tough Man as a quote un quote non-profit hear in our state. So the status of Amateur MMA is a very Grey not sanctioned but no law that makes it illegal.

So what about medical exams and clearing fighters?

Is the oversight entirely up to the promoters if the fighters are amateurs? I think if anyone is making money then it needs to be sanctioned by the state.

And the Art Dore thing is ridiculous. If guys like him end up doing MMA toughman I think only bad press can follow.

That's probably why UFC is pushing for sanctioning in every state even though they may not necessarily run in all of them.

"Bet the guy from is running it...
I know he runs the shows in battle creek with the same name cage combat...

He had a show there a few weeks back"

Did you attend the Battle Creek show? Just curious if it felt like you were in somebody's basement type of thing. I'm thinking of going to the Grand Rapids.

That's put on by Triple X extreme fighting. They're doing shows all over Michgan and Indiana. They even got a show planned in Detroit next month.

They've contacted me to fight, but I think i'll pass until I know for sure I don't have to worry about any legal issues.

Also, they do want the fighters to have med exams done.

Nah I didn't go, but i know it was at the fairgrounds...

I was thinking about fighting in it, but the promoter doesn't forward sh!t to any of the fighter databases...

Yeah I agree with bruddahoodaman

I haven't fought for em

But I got a call from them a week away from a 8 Man tournament...

There looking to make money and to help there guys "win"...

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I called and asked and they said all the fighters were amateurs so they didn't need sanctioning.

Sounds a bit shady to me, but I think I'll check it out since it's 15 minutes away.



You are absolutely WRONG.  I went to the last Michigan Boxing Commission meeting and wrote a pretty lengthy post about what I heard that day.  ALL MMA, including amateur is illegal here in MI.

No problem. I WISH I could say that it was OK for amateurs to compete in MMA, but not OK by the commission.

I'm all for the sanctioning.

It's much better for the sport than shady promoters who don't even pay their fighters.

I'm not even sure if I want to go to this event considering NONE of my $20 is going to the fighters.

Amatuer might be called illegal by the commission, but by the letter of the law, it's technically legal. That's why Roop's has been able to do what he's been doing for years.

The show at the Deltaplex and the show to be held at the Palace of Auburn Hills are both run by Art Dore. People need to stand up for the sport and not attend his shows. The guy is one of the biggest pieces of shit on the planet and will only bring doom on any chance of having MMA legalized in Michigan.

I agree with Darren. It is a show in our own backyard, but it is setting back things as it isn't sanctioned and these shows have been sent cease and desist letters in almost all cases.

Link from WOOD TV:

I don't like the tone. Just the first sentence is a reason I'm not liking these shady shows...

Anyone know who this Greg Ahrens is?

Pasted Article:

Cage fight in legal gray area

Updated: April 27, 2007 11:02 PM


GRAND RAPIDS -- A violent sport coming to Grand Rapids came under the state's scrutiny Friday night.

Questions were raised after the United Cage Fighters held events in Saginaw and Muskegon, but promoters continued to schedule events, including a cage fight at the Deltaplex Saturday.

The sport is currently enjoying a growing fan base, but some are questioning its legality. The official term for it is "mixed martial arts" not wrestling or boxing, making it illegal.

According to Michigan's Department of Labor and Economic Growth boxing is the only legal form of fighting in the state. That's why it has been investigating these events and is taking the case to the Attorney General.

After the first two cage fights the state issues a cease and desist order to the event's promoters. Greg Ahrens, a licensed promoter, requested a letter from the state making the law clear before he started holding events.

"Kickboxing, amateur and pro, and other forms of martials are not licensed or regulated in the state of Michigan," he said.

The letter he received references the Michigan Boxing Act, specifically exempting martial arts sports. But to Ahrens no regulation means that cage combat is legal.

A representative from the state will be at the Deltaplex tomorrow to watch the fights. Despite saying the event is illegal, the state won't shut it down. As for now they will continue to gather evidence for their case. Ahrens has a court case scheduled for June.

Ahrens needs to be put in his place, and stop running these shows. Frist they are illegal and second it's barely mma I mean the talent leval is bottom of the barrel. These shows do nothing but garner bad pub.

Good post Bloodthirsty1.



Act 403 of 2004

338.3612 Applicability of act; exceptions.

Sec. 12.

This act does not apply to any of the following:

(a) Professional or amateur wrestling.

(b) Amateur martial arts sports or activities.

(c) Contests or exhibitions conducted by or participated in exclusively by an agency of the United States government or by a school, college, or university or an organization composed exclusively of those entities if each participant is an amateur.

(d) Amateur boxing regulated by the amateur sports act of 1978, 36 USC 371.

(e) Boxing elimination contests regulated by section 50.


History: 2004, Act 403, Eff. Feb. 20, 2005

© 2007 Legislative Council, State of Michigan